1  Introduction

The following chapters contain data and analysis related to the project conducted 2020 - 2022, “Kenai Mountains to Sea: Using Thermal Infrared Imagery to Implement Long-Term Salmon Conservation.” This work is a collaborative effort between three Kenai Peninsula Nonprofits: Cook Inletkeeper, Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, and Kenai Watershed Forum. The project Scope of Work document may be downloaded at the link below:

This report is generated in Posit (formerly known as RStudio) using the R programming language (R Core team, n.d.) and Quarto, an open source technical publishing platform. It is best accessed online at the url https://kenai-watershed-forum.github.io/kenai_thermal_imagery_v2/.

1.1 Access the PDF

This report can be downloaded as a PDF document by clicking on the PDF symbol in the upper left corner of this screen.

1.2 Access Source Code

Source code used to generate this report is available in the project’s GitHub repository, available by clicking the feline symbol in the upper left corner of this screen.

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This report can be downloaded

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